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Hello, we are glad you found us. We are My Favourite Rainbow and we like to make music.


At the beginning of it all, there was a friendship. A friendship and a desire to create something, that entertains us. Something that fullfils us and gives us the motivation to keep on and share the joy that the music brings us.
We love to spend our time playing our instruments and creating music. Even if it doesn't sound right for the first time, we try

to pursue our effort and make it better. And that's what we do. My Favourite Rainbow. We are not a band. We are friends. Three buddies, that only want to play some music, have some fun.
We are going to release our debut EP and if you are courious about it you can subscribe to our e-mail letters or pre-order EP itself.

EP Melodies & Stories out now

1. Intro
2. We never change
3. Clouds of love
4. In the right place
5. Home

Melodies & Stories CD

100 CZK

Note: If you pre-order our CD we will save you to our database and after 1st June we will send you an e-mail if you are really interested in buying our CD.